How to reduce your energy bills this summer

Energy bills might be cheaper during the summer months, but there are still ways in which people can cut the cost further.

That’s according to Igloo Energy which is offering a list of top tips to help householders save money by reducing electricity and gas usage over the next few months.

The energy provider has suggested people start by making the switch from traditional lightbulbs to LED ones, which could help save up to 80% on lighting costs.

Meanwhile, 90% of the cost of running a washing machine comes from heating the water. With this in mind, Igloo has advised people to wash laundry at 30°C or 40°C which will have environmental benefits as well as reducing household costs.

Taking advantage of the sunny weather to dry clothes outside will also help save money on the cost of running a tumble dryer. If you have no outside space, hanging laundry on a clothes horse by an open window will have a similar effect.

Igloo also suggests ways of reducing both water and energy bills at the same time. Matt Clemow, CEO of Igloo explained: “Avoid pre-rinsing your dishes in hot water, just scrape before they go in the dishwasher to save on both water and energy.

“Did you know power showers use more energy and water than having a bath? Turn the pressure down slightly to save on both.”

Finally, Igloo said that while most of us will have switched off our heating in anticipation of summer, we can also make savings by turning off the hot water too. This can be very effective, since 15% to 20% of energy costs come from the process of heating water.

Clemow added: “If you have a hot water tank, make sure it’s well insulated and take a look at the settings on your timer. You should save up to 50% by only heating it once a day and insulating your tank better.

“Switching to a Smart Thermostat is one of the simplest ways to get better control over your hot water, as well as your heating.”

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