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How to stop your holiday money being hit by Brexit


Eurozone holidaymakers should buy euros now to hedge their bets on the EU referendum, financial research experts Consumer Intelligence advises.

Price of petrol increases for second month in a row


RAC Fuel Watch data for April shows prices at the pumps rose for the second consecutive month.

Holiday makers spend £96 million a year on replacing forgotten items

holiday money

British holidaymakers are wasting £96 million every year on replacing on replacing items they forgot to pack.

Advertising watchdog cracks down on broadband prices


The advertising watchdog is cracking down on fixed broadband price claims to stop customers being misled.

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Cybercrime map of the UK: Londoners most likely to be victims

A new study has revealed that there are more victims of cybercrime in London than any other city in the UK.


Young “savvy savers” more likely to stash their cash in the bank

A new generation of trendsetting “savvy savers” is more likely to put their cash in the bank rather than frittering it away on frivolous things, despite the record low interest rates.

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