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ABI: Early exit charges to affect just 10% of people looking to access full pension

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Just a tenth of people over 55 wanting to make use of the new pension freedoms will be hit by early exit charges, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

South West best place to live in retirement

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The South West of England has emerged as the best region for spending a long, happy and healthy retirement, according to new research from Prudential.

Over three-quarters of Brits not sure what credit ratings mean

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An alarmingly high proportion of the population is not really sure what credit ratings mean and many people have never checked their credit files, new research from loan, mortgage and credit card provider Ocean Finance found.

Average household spends almost £2,000 on holidays every year

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British households spend around £37 billion going on holidays every year, with the cost for the average household standing at £1,951, new research from financial services provider SunLife shows.

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Pension Freedoms: The Real Cost of Withdrawing your Pension Savings

Giving people the freedom to choose what to do with the money they have saved over years of hard work is the right thing for the government to do, how free are people actually to take money out of their pension pots, retirement specialist Ryan Smith explains.

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Just a third of retirees will get full state pension after 2016 reform

The full flat rate state pension that was to be available to all will only actually be received by around one in three people, retirement expert Ryan Smith says and explains what would change from next year.

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