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Budgeting woes: takeaways, tech and drinking stretch student finances

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Students are facing an average £2115 bill – not including lectures – as universities open their doors for another year.

Retirement spending to be more Mondeo than Lamborghini

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People approaching retirement are planning to spend more of their retirement pot in the immediate years after they retire.

Boomerang generation: 1.4million under-34s have moved back in with parents

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Four in ten (43 per cent) of Britain’s 3.3m young adults aged under 34 living at home have “boomeranged” back again after initially moving out.

Energy deals warning: eight fixed tariffs ending on 30 September


On 30 September eight fixed energy deals will come to an end, bringing in an average annual bill increase of 11 per cent – or £108 – for those consumers who have not switched to a better deal.

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Nine in 10 Britons risk financial future by not having a lasting power of attorney

Just one in 10 Britons has a lasting power of attorney (LPA), leaving a vast proportion of the population vulnerable to financial and emotional hardship, according to new research from Saga Legal Services.

lasting power of attorney

Some facts about credit cards

An interesting infographic from Sainsbury’s Bank outlining various aspects of card design as well as visualising the science behind chip and pin. Scroll down

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