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Study finds people’s ‘tipping point’ into denial of debt


New research has found the ‘tipping point’ amount of debt where the majority of people go into denial about their finances.

UK shoppers abandon brand loyalty to save money


UK shoppers are more attracted to opportunities to save than to brands, according to a new study of 2,000 UK consumers by ElectriQ.

Top tips of leaving a charitable legacy

Old-Fashioned Will And Testament

Emma Myers, head of wills, probate and lifetime planning for Saga Legal Services, has lined out her top tips for all wanting to leave a charitable legacy in their will.

New partnership to make mobile payments safer

online security

Zapp, a mobile payments platform, has signed a five-year deal with Featurespace, a fraud prevention tool using predictive analytics, to ensure its customers use mobile banking without the threat of fraud.

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Pension reforms: Avacade CEO on the importance of getting advice and the future of retirement finance

The new pension freedoms have brought a fundamental change to savers and the retirement finance industry alike, and many may wonder what is the way forward.

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Expert tips: What to do with a small pension pot?

Lee Lummis, chief executive of financial planning services provider Avacade, recommends what savers with small pension pots can do to make best use of their savings and stresses the importance of getting financial advice.

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