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Making your car work for you


Morgan Young, acquisition manager at easyCar Club, looks at how you can make your car work for you by renting it out.

How much does the average British wedding cost?


New research has revealed how much Brits are splashing out on weddings.

Emotions lead to head in the sand attitude when it comes to saving


New research has revealed that a head in the sand attitude when thinking about finances is having an impact on saving.

Festival goers failing to insure expensive gadgets


Young festival goers attending events such as Glastonbury could are failing to insure their expensive gadgets, potentially leaving them hundreds of pounds out of pocket in the event of theft.

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Pound slumps and markets in turmoil as Britain votes to leave the EU

Sterling has hit a 31-year low and global markets have plummeted following Britain’s decision to leave the EU.


Nearly half of Brits haven’t made provision for their death

A recent study by British Seniors Insurance Agency, which specialises in over-50s insurance plans, reveals that lack of provision for the event of death will lead to one in ten cases of friends and relatives having to pay the bill.

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