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Quitting bad habits could halve your life insurance


Quitting smoking and cutting out alcohol could not only save you hundreds of pounds every year but also halve your life insurance.

Fraud costs the UK economy £193 billion a year


Fraud could be costing the UK a staggering £193 billion a year, far higher than previous government estimates which put the figure at around £50 billion in 2013.

Debit cards to overtake cash payments by 2021

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Debit cards are set to overtake cash as the most popular payment method by 2021, new research has revealed.

Posting holiday snaps on social media putting millions at risk of burglary


If you’re off on holiday this summer you might want to think twice about putting the snaps on social media as it could make you a target for thieves.

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The housing crisis: why a Lifetime ISA won’t fix the problem

The government has introduced the Help to Buy ISA and more recently the Lifetime ISA to help people get onto the property ladder. But these aren’t feasible solutions with house prices continuing to rise, argues Ryan Smith.   My parents bought their first home back in the mid-eighties….

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Worried about fake currency on holiday? How to spot a counterfeit bank note

If you are heading abroad this summer remember that counterfeit notes are rare and often difficult to spot. But what can you do to make sure you haven’t been given a fake note when you get your change back?

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