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Many 2015 retirees not aware of state pension’s worth

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State pension will be an important part of the retirement income of many people yet a significant proportion of soon-to-be pensioners do not know how much it is actually worth.

Inheritance tax: Why you should know more about it & how to avoid tax waste?

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For many people inheritance tax is not something to worry about, as a recent report from reveals, but actually consumers lose a lot of money each year by not taking appropriate action.

UK households to face higher energy costs at end-May

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Households across the country will see their energy bills increase by £65.54 on average at the end of this month as a result of the expiration of ten fixed-term energy tariffs, according to

Many Britons over 55 worry about pension scams

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A month and a half after the introduction of the new pension freedoms many people aged 55+ are concerned they could be the target of a pension scam, new research from consumer organisation Which? shows.

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The wills of the rich and famous…How we can learn from their mistakes

When it comes to sorting your financial affairs nobody is immune to errors and everybody needs advice how best to deal with their inheritance, even the most famous and influential people.

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Top tips for managing your digital estate

With so many hours spent online everyone of us should consider the footprint they are leaving in the virtual space.

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